Decorating your home is no easy task. Picking a style that fits your aesthetic, paint colors or wallpaper you want to incorporate and furniture pieces that you’ve been eyeing are the first elements to tackle, but it doesn’t end there. The key to channeling your inner interior designer is to incorporate textural elements. Adding texture to a space means creating visual interest through a diversity of objects and finishings such as wood accents, various fabric, stone and foliage. Combining all these elements gives your room a finished and cozy look.

Greenery is the easiest way to add texture to your space. There are endless combinations of plants and vases that will create visual interest through texture and color. Add a sleek and smooth concrete inspired base such as a Curver Beton box with a Bird’s Nest Fern planted inside. The contrasting textures of the vase and plant will be a great eye-catching conversation starter.

Another great way to make your home cozy is with throws and pillows. A wool throw blanket on a leather chair or a few velvet toss pillows on a solid fabric couch will create an exciting interplay of texture in the room. You can even add a basket with texture to hold your throws or extra pillows. The Knit Collection by Curver is a decorative line of storage baskets inspired by a knit pattern that will add texture and color to your space while keeping it organized.

There are many ways to infuse texture and organize at the same time. Your coffee table is the perfect space to add bins with texture that can hold items that may be an eyesore such as remotes, books, coasters and cords. Mix and match different sizes of Curver Jute baskets under and on top of the table. The Jute Collection will enrich your room with a natural inspired texture without the maintenance that comes with using natural baskets such as color fading and shape deformities.

Don’t be afraid to mix materials! The task may seem daunting, but slowly layering textural elements through your house will turn it into a cozy home. It’s important to have fun with the items you chose and to stay true to your aesthetic and sense of style with what you pick.