Materials Needed:

  • Wire Cutters
  • Knife
  • Approximately 35 Faux Flowers with wire stems
  • Curver Jute Slim Medium Basket
  • Flower Foam

To kick off the Spring season, we have an easy decorative craft that you and your family will have a blast making! This DIY floral basket arrangement is an inexpensive alternative to creating one out of real flowers and it will last much longer.

To begin, grab your Curver Jute Slim Medium Basket in a color of your choice. We chose to use peach because it’s a bright and fresh spring color.

Next, measure and cut the floral foam so that it is about 2 inches high and completely covers the bottom of the Jute basket.

We chose to use faux flowers in a variety of colors and types for the arrangement instead of fresh ones. You will need about 35 flowers to fill up the basket. Once you have your flowers, cut the stems with wire cutters so that they are all about 7 inches long. Don’t worry if they are not all exactly the same length because you will want the flowers in the middle of the arrangement to stand taller than the outer ones.

Now, start arranging your flowers in the basket by poking the wire stems into the flower foam. For extra security, you can put hot glue at the base of the stem before inserting it into the foam.

Once your basket is full of flowers, you’re done! Now you have a beautiful Spring flower arrangement for your table or as decoration in any room. Be sure to take a picture of your arrangement and tag us on Instagram (@curver_usa) and Facebook (@curverusa).