Giving your cat or dog a bath can sometimes be very useful. It is an important hygiene issue which affects their well-being as well as yours.


Bath your dog

Bathing your dog from time to time is advisable: it removes any accumulated dirt. However, bathing your dog too regularly is bad for their skin; bathing should take place roughly every month.


Bath you cat

Despite what many people think, some cats love water and, for these cats, a bath is a real treat. If this sounds like your cat, then bathing them will probably be easy. However, with others the task can be complicated. Bear in mind that cats clean themselves, generally in the comfort of their basket. They do not normally need bathing. However, if you want to give them a bath, it is possible, but in moderation.


How can you wash your cat or dog?

But how can you wash your cat or dog? The best idea is to get them used to the idea at a very early age. Firstly, you should get out everything you need: towel, shampoo and brush! Then fill a bath with a few centimetres of warm water (not boiling, obviously) or put them under the shower. Clean them with shampoo for dogs or cats (be careful not to get any in their eyes or ears), rinse thoroughly, dry with a towel and then with a hairdryer, held a suitable distance away from them (be care not to burn them). The drying stage is often frightening for pets, so don’t hesitate to encourage them and praise them enthusiastically with some treats.